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2008 year
ABLinox poetry was founded in August 2008. The twenty thousand yuan began in 400 square meters of factory buildings.
2009 year
In 2009, we moved to a 4000 square meter factory and began to build our own technology engineering team and sales team.
2013 year
In 2013, the Foshan City Ling Ling kitchen and Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Strengthen the foreign trade team. Through the certification of CUPC, NSF, CE and so on, it officially entered the European and American markets.
2014 year
In 2014, he moved to Zhaoqing, Guangdong. The factory area expanded to 50000 square meters, and has its own foundry production line.
2015 year
In 2015, under the dual test of the internal and external economic crisis, we carried out the reform and innovation of the management model, and the Arno poetry team became more powerful in this process.
2017 year
In the 2016-2017 year, ABLinox poetry came into full play. Under the reform of ISO and lean production management, we cooperate with customers, employees and suppliers.
ABLinox PRODUCTWhat are the differences with other products?


  • Raw material:ABLinox poems contain 8% of the American
  • Standard 304 new materials for casting, impurities and sand holes
  • Valve core:The Spanish raceway spool is used. World famous
  • spool suppliers, after 1 million times
  • Hose:"N" certification in Spain, sealed without water
  • Blisters:Bubbling device is the three largest brand in the world
  • Switzerland

Other manufacturer's products

  • The bubbling device of the copper tap can not be removed
  • after long use, because the bubbling device of the copper
  • Chemical reactions have occurred between the water quality
  • In general, inferior zinc alloy regenerated
  • material is used as raw material and Jerry building
The development prospect of the industry

Precision casting: the necessary and basic equipment for the consumption of intelligent machines and high quality products is an indispensable industry with a bright future. It has also played a positive role in the development of the world. The precision casting technology is located in the high-end metal manufacturing. The state has been included in the industry column of the machine and equipment manufacturing, supported by the national policy.

Changing the world's views on Chinese products

The mission of ABLinox Poetry: changing the world's view of Chinese products

The vision of ABLinox Poetry: strive for the material and spiritual income of ABLinox poetry staff, and never give up.

The values of ABLinox Poetry: teamwork, customer first, embrace change, integrity, passion, dedication.

The common aspiration of ABLinox Poets: accomplishments others, achievement of oneself, and achievement of enterprise platform

Planning for the next 3-5 years

Enterprises will increase investment in personnel training and training, layout automation and semi-automatic production lines and production processes.

To achieve a 5 hundred million sales target layout, develop a product that can affect the industry.Brand influence continues to rise, equity reform, planning to prepare for listing.

The execution of military personnel

There are warm families and quarrels among colleagues, but no matter what we do, we all want to get a good result.We do not guarantee that you will succeed here, but we will give you the opportunity to practice it.

We are strict with you. Do not be unhappy and depressed. We hope you can shine here.We are sure to get the result with you, because you have already stepped into the society, and you also need to pay and do your duty to enjoy the income of the enterprise platform.

The inheritance of the dream of ABLinox Poetry

I hope everyone will pass on the dream of ABLinox's poetry, and be a hundred year enterprise, the achievement that affects as many people as possible, to realize the social value of each of us, to do things with heart and to use good to the people

ABLinox's poem only wants to do a company that speaks of it, does not steal the work, and tries to do everything well with the ingenuity, and the utopian enterprise is realized step by step.





   Guangdong ABLinox Sanitaryware CO.,LTD(original Foshan yuyatai decoration hardware factory) was founded in August 18, 2008. The starting point of the first generation of Arno poets is that we should do different things to make the Chinese proud of themselves, and truly let the world's respected Chinese enterprises!

With this dream, we step by step, difficult but happy to move forward.

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