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A few small ways to help you solve the dripping problem of faucets.

The faucet is in use for a period of time, a lot of water or leakage of water, most of the buyers are directly to replace the faucet, if the faucet is still used in the life of the life, the direct change of the faucet will cause a lot of waste of resources. Here, the faucet manufacturers tell you a few tips to solve the dripping water leakage of faucets.

The dripping water of the faucet is often caused by the small parts of the faucet. The leakage in the lower part of the tap is due to the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. At this time, you can use the screw to loose the fasten head, then remove the cover, then remove the inner triangle seal shop and replace it with the new one.

All right。 There is also the problem that the shaft washer wear in the faucet can also cause the water leakage of the tap water. As long as the clamp is used to lock the cap loose and take off, the shims will be taken out with the clamp, and the new axis gasket can solve the problem of the water leakage of the faucet. There are many reasons for the leaking of water faucets, and some are only

When the small parts are replaced, it is possible to replace the broken parts, so that the whole faucet will not be replaced, and the resources can be saved.


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